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2019 Presentations

Presenter Affiliation Presentation Title
Scott Jackson Ag Lending Outlook Ag Lending Outlook
Derek Farnsworth University of Florida Agricultural Labor Outlook
Paul Goeringer University of Maryland Legal Outlook
Amanda Smith University of Georgia Inputs Situation and Outlook
Erin Kiella Texas A&M University Land Values and Lease Rates Outlook
Christa Court University of Florida SERA Proposal on Natural Disasters
Aaron Smith University of Tennessee Corn Outlook
Todd Davis University of Kentucky Soybean Outlook
Samuel Zapata Texas A&M University Sorghum and Wheat Market Outlook
Yangxuan Liu University of Georgia Cotton Outlook
Will Maples Mississippi State University Rice Outloook
Adam Rabinowitz University of Georgia Peanut Outloook
Elizabeth Canales Mississippi State University Specialty Crop Outlook
Chris Prevatt University of Florida Forage and Hay Outlook
Andrew Muhammad University of Tennessee US Agricultural Trade Outlook
Joe Outlaw Texas A&M University Farm Bill: Domestic Policy Outlook - coming soon
Yanshu Li University of Georgia Southern Timber Market Stagus and Outlook
JJ Jones Oklahoma State University Sheep and Goat Market Outlook
Josh Maples Mississippi State University Cattle Market Update and Outlook
Amy Hagerman Oklahoma State University SEEC Hogs and Pork Outlook
Jordan Shockley University of Kentucky Poultry Outlook
Kenny Burdine University of Kentucky Southern Region Dairy Outlook
Ron Rainey University of Arkansas Southern Risk Management Education Center