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2016 Presentations


PresenterOrganizationPresentation Title
Joe OutlawTexas A&M UniversityIs This Going to be Like the 1980s?
George KnapekTexas A&M UniversityProducers' Views and Ideas
Bryon ParmanMississippi State UniversityInput Cost Outlook
Luis Ribera Texas A&M UniversityAg Trade and the South
Mark WelchTexas A&M UniversityCorn, Milo and Wheat
Brian WilliamsMississippi State UniversitySoybeans
George LovattLovat and RushingPeanuts
Joe OutlawTexas A&M UniversitySeed Price Effects of Proposed Mergers
Tyler MarkUniversity of KentuckyIndustrial Hemp
Tim WoodsUniversity of KentuckyLocal Foods and More
Myriah JohnsonThe Noble FoundationPerceptions and Willingness to Pay for Food Attributes
David AndersonTexas A&M UniversityDairy & Poultry
Andrew GriffithUnviversity of TennesseeCattle & Hogs